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School Band Concert – Grange Middle

December 13, 2018
Grange Middle School Band Concert

Music Teacher Walter Hunt introduces the Jazz Band from Grange Middle School in Fairfield, California.

Wednesday night (12/12/18) I attended a winter school music concert at Grange Middle School (1975 Blossom Ave, Fairfield). Student groups performing were the Jazz Band, the Intermediate Band and the Advanced Band, directed by music teacher/Band Director Walter Hunt.

Pieces I recognized and enjoyed included “La Bamba,” “Theme from Mission Impossible,” “Theme from Pink Panther,” and some classical pieces such as “Eine Kleine Natchmusik (Mozart)” and “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Tchaikovsky)”. (I recorded one of the numbers; you can view it here.)

The gymnasium full of parents and students gave enthusiastic applause. The principal said in her remarks that this was the last winter concert by Mr. Hunt, because he will be retiring next year. The school district will have a hard time filling his shoes.

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