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Update 7/10/19: Since I didn’t go above the reporting threshold during the last election and don’t expect to if I run again in three years, I decided to close my campaign bank account today. The leftover amount (all of which I had previously deposited from my own funds) was $131.65. I transferred that back to my personal account. I’m likely to still spend on candidate activities, but if I stay below $2,000 per year I won’t have to formally report them. I will still detail them here, though.

Summary: I did not receive any money contributions, my total expenses were below the formal reporting threshold, in retrospect I did not need to open a campaign account (since all of the money was mine anyway) so I closed the account I’d created last August. -Craig

As of 118/5, this is a paste from my spreadsheet, tracking campaign expenses and donations by date. If I can stay below $2,000 (minus county statement filing fees), then I can avoid filing detailed forms and an additional $50 fee to the office in Sacramento that tracks above-$2,000 campaigns.


Date Item Entity Value of In-Kind Donation In to Campaign Account Spent from Campaign Account Campaign Account Balance Exempt from Qualifying Limit? $2,000 Qualifying Limit Accrual
7/10/2018 Precinct walk list County $10.38 $0.00 FALSE $10.38
7/24/2018 Website annual WordPress $48.00 $0.00 FALSE $58.38
8/6/2018 Candidate Statement Fee County $352.56 $0.00 TRUE $58.38
8/9/2018 Loan from Candidate Candidate $505.00 $505.00 FALSE $58.38
8/15/2018 Loan #2 from Candidate Candidate $1,000.00 $1,505.00 FALSE $58.38
8/15/2018 Graphic Design 3rd Party $50.00 $1,505.00 FALSE $108.38
8/17/2018 BusCard Magnets Capital Promotions $463.00 $1,042.00 FALSE $571.38
8/21/2018 Yard Signs Wheeler-Sonoma $910.35 $131.65 FALSE $1,481.73
8/23/2018 Photo retouching for flyer 3rd Party $25.00 FALSE $1,506.73
10/19/2018 Postcard copy printing Kinkos/Fedex Office $22.82 FALSE $1,529.55
10/19/2018 Postcard Stamps USPS $105.00 FALSE $1,634.55
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