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About This Website (and Disclaimer)

December 2018:

I need to clarify this website and all of my comments are not an official view of the Board of Trustees of the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District. I am not a spokesman, and am not authorized to make any statements on its behalf. (Here is a link to the authorized web page for the school board; the spokesman is the board president.) These are simply my personal reflections and experiences, not intended to represent anyone or anything else.

I realize that just the existence of a personal website, as with any social media, may slightly interfere or distract from my official position. We seven board members function best as a team when we act as a single entity at our meetings, with a single presence online, but I choose to use this website as a vehicle to inform my voters, establish a visible public record, and be transparent. Please don’t interpret it as anything representing other board members or the school district at large.

November 2018:

This was originally a campaign information website, but is now a board member information site and blog.

Although I was elected by the residents of Trustee Area 4 in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, all of my duties are to all the residents of the school district.

(To see exactly what areas and addresses Trustee Area 4 encompasses, use the school district online tool, located here: Use Control-Scroll to zoom to the level you want, drag to reposition, and select checkboxes for the boundaries you want to see. You can also type in your home address to see your designated area.)

If you are a member of the school community, I welcome your contact and your perspective. Thank you.

Craig Wilson

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