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About Craig

(me with my wife Gayla in 2018)

I was raised in Fairfield and grew up in the local schools, from Fairfield Elementary (before its buildings were absorbed into Armijo High School) through Tolenas, Sullivan Intermediate and then Fairfield High (class of 1977).

I attended college at Brigham Young University (class of ’84, Communications/Journalism), and after a few years as a newspaper reporter at a small paper in southern Oregon, earned a teaching credential while living in the Central Valley. I then taught high school physical science for nine years before moving back to Fairfield in 1998 with the Fairfield-Suisun district.

I taught at Mary Bird (then called “Academy High School,” an alternative high school), Nelda Mundy Elementary, then became a middle school librarian and itinerant teacher before retiring in 2016. Since then I have been a substitute teacher, and have therefore seen the inside of nearly every school in the district.

I and my wife Gayla (also a former elementary teacher but now substitute teacher) raised our 3 children in local schools (Fairview, Sullivan, Armijo) and still live at 318 Wyoming St. If you’d like to meet me and reminisce a bit, message me or just stop by and say hi!

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