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These are the candidate filings I have made, mostly at the county elections office, one or two in Sacramento. Some of these are available online, but some you might have to inquire at an office. If I learn more, I’ll post it. Here’s a link to the Solano County search page:

Here are the forms I filed, by date.

First, on July 16 at the county elections office, I was given the “Code of Fair Campaign Practices”:


On the same date I declared my intent to run and perhaps seek contributions:

Three weeks later (August 6, 2018), again at the county elections office, I formally filed as a candidate (2 sides to form):

One the same day I submitted my “Statement of Economic Interest” (to identify possible future conflicts of interest):

Then, a week later, I went to Sacramento to get an expense tracking number (two sides and a certification letter):

The important thing I got out of that was my FPPC Number: #1408980

Right before the first campaign finance filing deadline, I disbanded my committee with this letter and form:


and filed the simpler form (non-committee campaign) with the county:


Now I won’t have to file anything except a minimal form next June at the most. -9/28/18

December 2018 Update:

I learned I made a mistake on my “Form 700 – Statement of Economic Interest” and I re-filed (with the county) this form in mid-December 2018.

amended campaign form700 2018

(click above link to view PDF).

2021 Annual Campaign Statement (Form 470 Short Form)

Candidates with less than $2,000 in annual campaign expenses are allowed to file a “short form” (minimal expenses) statement. I believe this was due July 31st (argh!), but I’m finally mailing two copies to the county elections office today. (This has been on my to-do list for many months, and I’ve been avoiding it. I have a day off today and finally decided to do it.) I’m attaching the PDF below. (Note: I haven’t had any campaign expenses this year, but I plan to before January. When I do, I will report them here, and the 2022 Form 470 filing will include that.)

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