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Personal Disclosures, Miscellaneous

Here is my claim form for mileage to the January CSBA two-day training (in Sacramento) (see my blog entry):

submitted confreimb jan34

(click on link above for PDF)

Here is a copy of my first paystub. (Per details under “Board Member Job Description,” board members earn a monthly stipend (may be reduced for missed meetings) of $400 and are eligible for healthcare benefits equal to that of administrators.

first board paycheckvsmaller

Note this includes my substitute teacher earnings from the entire previous year. I’ll post the next stub when I receive it, which should set the YTD amount down to a board member sized amount.

Here is a copy of the reimbursement form I submitted for attendance at the California School Board Association conference I attended in San Francisco Nov. 28-Dec 1st, 2018. (See my blog entries for a report on the conference.) A few weeks later I received a check for just this amount, reimbursing me for parking, mileage and some meals. (Not sure where I put that stub, though.)


(click on link above to view PDF)



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