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Subcommittee meeting: Facilities 12/11/18

December 12, 2018

First subcommittee meeting today (12/11/18): Facilities. Ran long (two hours, unable to attend RHS PIQE event). Briefly reviewed current projects (to view list, try this link for PDF), heard details of planned safety audit at a handful of sites, and spent the bulk of the meeting learning about custodial inspection reports (detailed report at this link for PDF) and then detailed repair needs of playground equipment at the six schools with the most need (detailed report at this link for PDF).

Issue: need for long-term plan for playground equipment repair and replacement as fixed part of budget so that it’s systematic and not haphazard (which would result in large deferred maintenance needs, somewhat the current situation). Will consider more at next meeting in January.

Calendar for year’s monthly meetings approved after a few changes to proposed. (See my official calendar here.)

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