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Board “Retreat” Fri Sat Mar 1-2 2019

March 4, 2019

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning we held a (annual?) “board retreat” (technically two “special meetings” held in small conference rooms at the district office) organized under the following topics on the agenda: Community and Trust-building, Awareness,  Building Capacity, Self-Assessment, Action Planning, Reflections and Commitments. (You can see the official notice of the meetings and some of the documents distributed by using this link, the regular start page for board meetings, and clicking down to the dates.)

The meetings were led by a presenter from the Vallejo area, Nicole Anderson. She has quite a bit of experience in leading seminars like this. As a former teacher, I’ve attended many such events, and much of it was both familiar and inspiring.

I enjoyed the casual interaction with my fellow board members, especially on the first day. The second day was less satisfying, personally, though, as we began reviewing items I was either not familiar with or had not prepared to offer suggestions for. We came up with a handful of revisions to the Governing Board Handbook, which will be considered for adoption at the later full board meeting.

I look forward to the next retreat, whenever that occurs. (The box meals from Panera, one each day, were also nice!)

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