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Training Day #3 – Nov 30, 2018

December 1, 2018

This was an even longer day; out earlier, back later.

For the first session, I started with one (on data), dipped into another (on policies) before settling into a third (on communication strategies). For the second session, I chose one on “Parent Engagement” and discovered, one by one, that three other Fairfield Suisun board members had likewise chosen it. (We changed seats and all sat at the same table.) At lunchtime, located some others and joined the general discussion before returning to the general session (where we all sat together, per custom). Last session was about the Janus decision, then out to dinner, then home.

Conversations I enjoyed were with Board Member Bethany Smith (about PTA involvement), Tim Goree (about journalism and community metrics) and Board Member Joan Gaut (and husband Dave, a former board member, about district goals and board processes).

I’ve got a lot to learn about what our district does; will be looking for ways to contribute.

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