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Two meetings – Tue Nov 14, 2018 – and first school visit

November 14, 2018

Even though I won’t be sworn in for a few weeks, I’m told some of the laws apply immediately upon election (Gov. code 54952.1, for instance). Except for voting, I’m learning that the mechanisms proceed as if I’m already a full board member (information flow, meeting schedule, responsibilities).

Today I received my “school assignments” for this year, a handful of schools where I am the assigned representative for public events, kind of a ceremonial designation (Cordelia Hills Elementary, Dan O. Root Health & Wellness Academy, Green Valley Middle School, Rodriguez High School, and Early College High School). I happened to be assigned as a substitute teacher at Rodriguez, and the principal invited me to briefly introduce myself at the after-school faculty meeting.

Afterwards, I attended the board orientation meeting, where all of the board members told about their involvement with education and reasons for being on the board, and we reviewed the “Nuts and Bolts” of board service. This was gratifying to get a personal angle on the other board members, outside the formality of a regular meeting.

Finally, I attended the Facilities Subcommittee meeting (as an observer) and learned about construction and improvement projects underway.

There are a lot of moving parts to a school district. I’m slowly becoming familiar with some of them.

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