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Retired Teacher Craig Wilson Announces Candidacy

August 2, 2018

Retired teacher Craig Wilson of Fairfield announced his candidacy for school board member in August. Wilson is seeking to represent area 4, which covers much of central Fairfield, California.

“I think I can make a contribution,” said Craig, who is running against the incumbent, also with the last name Wilson. Craig retired from the Fairfield Suisun school district in 2016 and has been substitute teaching since.

One of Craig’s priorities is to restore elementary school music programs that were cut in 2010 during the last recession. “Every elementary school used to have a band, and now none have one,” he said. “It’s time to bring them back.”

Craig also said he is concerned about “students in the margins,” those for whom the system doesn’t work very well. “I want to make see what we can do to reach all students, high and low, so they don’t later wind up homeless or unable to fare well in life.”

Lastly, Craig said he wants to help tell the story of local schools’ successes, and to recognize individuals who contribute. “I’d like to help build confidence in our schools, so that more people feel like they know what’s happening and take pride in their closest school.”

The election will be held Tuesday, November 6, 2018 but absentee voting will begin a month before.

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